Travis Parker Academy

Simplifying Hairdressing  

Through years of personal experience, I have found that the definition of a successful hairdresser far exceeds the practical applications of just cutting and coloring. When you have mastered the technical components of the industry and have developed a compressive understanding of the human element of connection, your work becomes expertly seamless. Thus resulting in the mastery of your trade and the opportunity to operate at your highest potential.

The following courses are designed to take you beyond the obvious and propel you into unrealized realms of possibility. Built upon the foundational principles of hairdressing, they are the developed to bring out your very best and train you to be the greatest hairdresser YOU can be. Through personal interaction and connection in a small group setting, I intend to uncover your natural abilities, taking into consideration the way you learn best, and build you from there.

“The Travis Parker Academy experience is unlike anything I was able to find within our industry." -China Wilson @chinaknight

“I am so grateful for my time at the Travis Parker Academy, which has felt more like a retreat than just advanced education." -Judith Viola @judevila 

His wealth of knowledge teaches us to know why we are doing what we are doing.-Kelsey Schaaf @kelsey_matthewrobertsalon

“Travis is not only is a great teacher, but a mentor." -Stacy Brown @hairbydtstacyb

“A beautiful, intimate setting where you can acquire and refine your skill set with some of the strongest talent in the industry. -Kendall Schmidt @kendalljshair

 "I attended Cutting Course 1 and came back to Nashville ready to take on the city with my new found skills and confidence." -Tim Hauk @airtohair

"The intimacy of his class allows a lot of one-on-one time with Travis himself, so you get the full bang for your buck.” -Aysun Malta @_aysvn

"What I didn’t know, was how much Travis Parker Academy was going to change my life as an artist and as a facilitator." -Jeremy Taylor @jeremytaylorhair


2019 Calendar

Cutting Course 1  January 20/21 - SOLD OUT

Cutting Course 1  Feb 10/11 - SOLD OUT

Cutting Course 2  Feb 24/25 - SOLD OUT

Cutting Course 3  March 24/25 - SOLD OUT 

Cutting Course - Master Class April 28/29 - INVITE ONLY

Cutting Course 1  May 19/20 - SOLD OUT 

Cutting Course 1  September 22/23 - SOLD OUT

Cutting Course 2  October 20/21 - SOLD OUT

Cutting Course 3  November 17/18 - SOLD OUT


 Hairdressing Made Easy - Cutting Course 1

2-day course $1500 - LEVEL Reward Points 83,340 

Developed for all levels of hairdressing, this 2-day comprehensive course will walk you through the reasons of why we do what we do when it comes to creating sustainable shapes and objective looks. When we understand the definitive architecture of layering and graduation applications, we begin to discover why, when, and how to apply each one of these in order to map a cut. The cause and effect behind elevation and distribution will be taught through practical exercises and mannequin use, resulting in certainty and predictability in your process. By course end, you will have the strength, tools and knowledge to break down any haircut and execute it with confidence. 

This course includes:

  • Two days of instruction led by International Cutting Artist Travis Parker
  • 5 Student max
  • Hands-on mannequin sessions (tripods & mannequins provided)
  • Teachings on distribution, elevation, lines/sections, ergonomics, verbiage, layering/graduation, and the “why” in what you’re doing
  • Beverages, pastries, and snacks provided


Hairdressing Made Easy - Cutting Course 2

2-day course $1500 - LEVEL Reward Points 83,340 

Designed to support and build upon the foundation laid in Cutting Course One, this two day course is intended to push your skills even further. Resuming where we left off, this weekend will also ask you to pick up your razor and styling tools, and thus provide a more thorough dive into the art of hairdressing. Together, we will defragment advanced haircutting by intensifying the principals of layering and graduation, with a deep focus on creating texture and personalization. While Cutting Course One was created to serve the base of your clientele, in this course you will walk away with six more haircuts that will please the client that is looking for something different, modern, and most importantly, wearable. 

This course includes:

  • Two days of instruction led by International Cutting Artist Travis Parker
  • 5 Student max
  • Hands-on mannequin sessions (tripods & mannequins provided)
  • Teachings on 6 cuts, intermediate forms of graduation/elevation, and numerous new texturing techniques
  • Beverages, pastries, and snacks provided


    Hairdressing Made Easy - Cutting Course 3

    2-day course $1500 - LEVEL Reward Points 83,340 

    The 3rd installment in the series, “Hairdressing Made Easy” by Travis Parker, promises to continue building your comfortability and confidence in your understanding of haircutting. This class will take what we’ve learned to date and apply a new level of personalization and stretching of the principles with an introduction to face framing, disconnection, advanced blending of layering/graduation, texturizing techniques, and sectioning patterns. Each cut will safely push your boundaries yet offer security within a system that is logical and comprehensive. Graduating from this course not only completes your training under the Travis Parker Method, but most importantly takes the mystery out of haircutting all together.

    This course includes:

    • Two days of instruction led by International Cutting Artist Travis Parker
    • 5 Student max
    • Hands-on mannequin sessions (tripods & mannequins provided)
    • Teachings on 4 cuts, advanced forms of graduation/elevation, and numerous new texturing techniques
    • Beverages, pastries, and snacks provided


    In order to provide the most personalized experience, courses are limited to only 5 students. To secure attendance and pay for the course, please send an email to

    In order to attend the Travis Parker Academy, using your LEVEL Loyalty Rewards points, you will need to go through a few steps in order to complete the process.

    • FIRST, PLEASE reach out to me to confirm the date you would like is still available. 
    • Next, log into your LEVEL account at
    • Scroll down to “see classes and events” and click bar
    • Search for "Travis Parker Academy”
    • Click number of attendees and. whom will attend.
    • Full points 83,340
    • Half credit 41,670 + $625
    • Click “Redeem”
    • You will receive a “LEVEL code” starting with LVL… confirming the transaction
    • Please email me at asap, providing your “LVL code”; as you will need this in order to lock in your attendance

    While the course is designed for all skill levels (apprentice, intermediate, advanced), you must be a licensed cosmetologist to participate.

    All confirmed reservations all final. No refunds issued.


    About L'Oreal Professionnel

    Decades of a commitment to excellence and innovation led to Travis Parker partnering with L’Oreal Professionnel in 2007 as a National Artist. The privilege to represent L’Oreal Professionnel U.S., as its highest educator, has allowed Parker to travel the world training both other educators and fellow stylists, as well as develop and write curriculum on behalf of the organization. Highlights include writing the styling curriculum for Texture Expert in 2007, being named a Serie Expert’s Business Experts Coach in 2008, representing L’Oreal Professionnel in 2010 at the 10th Annual Stylist Awards Show for Behind the Chair, co-writing Homme cutting for the U.S. market in 2010, Foundations of Finishing coach 2013 & 2014.  Currently, Parker is L’Oreal Professionnel’s Foundations of Cutting coach and has written their most current Fall/Winter collection for USA and Argentina. Collaborations with Australia and the US have begun building their launch of the IT LOOKS Spring/Summer collection, launching in both countries this March/April 2015.

    "There is something very special about Travis Parker....and its not just his talented hands! Travis creates a full experience, whether it be in the salon or in his classroom, giving everyone who enters a moment that is truly theirs ...his genuine interest, sharp skills and current style bring out the beauty in everyone he touches."

    Suzanne Sturm
    L'Oreal Professionnel Vice President of Education

    “Travis Parker is an extraordinary talent for the L’Oréal Professsionnel SOHO Academy, a conversant and dedicated artist, who exudes passion for his craft —sought after and loved by his teammates and clients round.”

    Justine Berger
    L’Oreal Professionnel SOHO Academy Manager

    “Travis Parker is revered by his peers due to his vast salon expertise as well as his ability to lead. His unique ability to make everyone feel like they are special and talented is what makes him an integral part of the L’Oreal Professionnel Artist network, as well as the SOHO Academy.”

    Katherine Oechsle-Truesdale
    L'Oreal Professionnel SOHO Academy Manager - 2007-2014