About Service & Prices

First time visitors to TRAVIS PARKER will receive a special 30-minute consultation from one of the top experts in the industry! Perspective clients will discuss any issues with their hair, the desired look/style and any hair concerns.

The consultation starts with an analysis of the new client’s unique bone structure. This is when a specific cut, color and style is suggested to highlight and compliment the face. Next up is the “Blueprint;” from special 2D mapping, to being presented visuals of the suggestions, both Parker and the client will determine the best and most desired look. Once a desired style is decided upon, the client and Parker will review proper hair care treatment and a future hair care regimen to follow.

Understanding Your Next Cut
‘Cutting to Natural Fall’ is the concept behind each and every Travis Parker cut. Once the ‘style’ is built into the cut, your hair regimen becomes significantly easier and more predictable. This is the number one principal behind any Travis Parker cut, so that hair will look great and feel effortless!
Women’s cut $205
Men’s cut $105

Understanding Your Next Color
Get the beautiful, natural looking hair color you’ve always wanted, with highlights seamlessly woven into the hair. The overall color will be built upon an analysis of the natural color, your skin tone and eye color to achieve the best possible look.
Color’s start at $200
Highlights start at $300
All first time clients will incur a color alignment fee of $50